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Tech Academy 28, March 2021

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Teresa Bilinska

Teresa Bilinska MSc CEng MCIBSE, DOIIB, Mechanical and PH Engineer

Teresa Bilińska STP

Teresa is a self-motivated Eng. with extensive experience in Building Services Engineering, design and management in the Consulting and Contracting sectors.

My work brings me a lot of professional satisfaction. Motivation for people with a passion for the profession and humour is the best way to reach success without stress.

Comprehensive knowledge let me work continuously as the serious international accredited consultant for the best Consultancies in the UK and Poland (Buro Happold, Meinhardt, PM Group, Capita Symonds, Hilson Moran, WSP) and Contractors (Cilantro, Ballymore) with very good references showing my flexibility for many standards, operational systems and quick conformity to the new situations, taking fast decisions, giving the essence of the design, balancing between the regulations above standards, looking for challenges, quick interdisciplinary coordination.


Industry & Expertise

Construction, Engineering

Job Title

Lead Mechanical & PH Design Eng

Currently works for


Can help with

I am happy to help with obtaining qualifications in Poland and Great Britain, in checking the CV, career counseling in my industry and the so-called psychology of construction.


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