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What is Tech Academy?

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The Tech Academy of the Association of Polish Engineers in Great Britain offers workshops and training courses for engineers who want to learn new skills and further their career prospects.

Our courses are designed to ensure the highest quality and are delivered by experienced professionals who can share the inside knowledge from their field of expertise.

Regardless whether you are a junior engineer or an experienced professional, you should be able to find something that will allow you to take your career to the next level.


Polish Tech Academy in the UK


Our Workshops

Tech Academy offers a wide range of training workshops, from practical hands-on workshops to advance your technical skills to higher-level events to grow your soft skills.

Learn the skills to start a new career from scratch or to advance your existing position on the job market.

Duration ranges from short 2 hours long workshops to several weeks long courses.
We offer online learning, face2face hands-on workshops (when it is safe to do so) and hybrid events.


For whom 

  • Junior engineers wanting to improve their career prospects as CAD Technicians, Setting Out or Software Engineers. They have the basic skills and need to learn tools/software which will allow them to apply for higher-paid roles.
  • Middle level/senior engineers who want to develop their skills further to progress their careers. They are interested in soft skills such as negotiations, presentation, and expert technical classes taught by engineering experts.
  • Company Owners who want to improve the skills of their staff to meet the H&S and other requirements.

How you benefit?

  • Experienced teachers with inside knowledge
  • Specialist courses relevant to the job-market requirements
  • Support beyond the course's content - find your mentor and build long term relationships with peers
  • Great value for courses (cheaper than the most expensive ones so accessible for the average consumer)
  • Working in small groups to enhance the learning experience


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